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Always face trouble

in Parking?

We've got you covered

Always looking for the perfect parking spot? Afraid of your vehicle getting towed or being fined ?


Get quick and easy information on parking locations across Aapnu Amdavad on your fingertips.


PARKIN lets you search and find parking spots across the city. Be it a bike - a car - or a rickshaw.

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About us

About Us

Our cars and bikes are not just a vehicle to take us from one place to another. They bring us joy, independence, often make for a great way to travel and make memories and above all - they are convenient. Our adoration is mostly consistent - except when it comes to how and where we park them.

In 2018, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation took strict actions against ill parking habits which came from lack of information about legitimate parking places rather than improper parking. The founding thought behind PARKIN came from this frustration of not being able to find appropriate parking places, dealing with tows and fines, and ultimately - the need to find a solution. The idea was that if enough of us make an effort, we can make the parking system more organized - a necessity, as more and more people use private vehicles.

Gradually, this grew into a vision to define a parking language across the city and make our city organized.


PARKIN is an initiative started by Jaina Mehta and Vidit Ghelani, the founders, PARKIN came into being as a mobile app to reduce the chaos on the streets and come up with an effective parking solution.


The app documents information on official parking places across Ahmedabad city. The data we bring in is diverse - for parking facilities for 2-wheelers,

As a community we have the right to a city that is organized and efficient. Parking at a legitimate place and promoting others to do the same are big steps towards making that happen.

4-wheelers, and rickshaws. Additionally, it also shows tow-away zones, allotted parking by the AMC, private parking of commercial buildings, public places, religious/community places, and many more.

PARKIN is also a two-way street - the app lets the people of Amdavad contribute by pitching in when the app does not show data of a particular location. Being for and from the community, we encourage our users to inquire around the location and add the information to the app - which will later be verified.

How it works!


Search your destination on the app and the available options for parking (“Park Pins”) will be displayed. Increase the distance range to see more options.


Click on the label to access detailed information about the parking spot. Swipe to find alternate Park Pins.


Park your vehicle. Ask for directions to the parking spot, share the parking spot details or request an edit. 


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